• PvE Is One Of My Favorite -- May 23, 2011
ways to play, so I think I'm ready for a few sets of rounds over the next couple weeks. We might as well play the heck outta Guild Wars now because Guild Wars 2 is coming soon. I think GW 2 will be a hit with lots of nice features like, huge roaming maps, and the addition of Jumping, which is a plus IMO. That is I, in my Guild Hall with "One Eyed Diablo" [fire] guild. Very mellow in the Guild here, at the Isle Of Meditation. I've been in the guild for over a year or so, and there's always been someone stirring around. Anyway great place, so lets go out and play some PvE or another favorite of mine is Alliance Battles, good idea with team mates to bring in some Faction.
I added the Portal Calendar to the Resources Block on the left, so the site has a calendar to utilize.